About Us

Hi all! And welcome. We are Whitwam Organics, a registered nursery in Florida specializing in garden bed installations and education.  We believe in empowering people of all ages and experience levels to grow their own food, and we are here to provide support during every step of the process. We like to install our garden beds in schools, churches, senior living housing communities, and really every space that has a patch of grass working with master gardeners to those with brown thumbs. In addition to the construction and installation, we offer ongoing education and consulting packages to ensure that your garden bed will be a success.

Other topics we consult on are soil science and soil restoration, compost systems, worms and vermicomposting, vertical systems, seed tables, seedlings, organic pesticides, organic fertilizers, seasonal planting, weeding, harvesting, and the use of tools. Along with organic methods of growing food, we have also added to our repertoire training community members, staff, organizing volunteers and working with volunteers to be leaders, making a garden “business plan”, navigating grants, partnering with non-profits, working with large groups of students, helping with a garden’s identity and using community resources to their full extent. We have experience organizing and executing classes, tours, workshops, and lectures.

While we love working with groups of people, we also love helping the individual become more self sufficient, so we offer residential garden bed installations and consulting, as well as an organic lawn care service package.

We are ready to help make your garden projects a success!